Lessons from Boston: Prof. Art Kellerman and Prof. Kobi Peleg, published an article in the April 2013 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.
Symposium on Clinical Trials and Measurement Error to honor Prof. Laurence Freedman's 70th birthday
We celebrated Prof. Laurence Freedman's 70th birthday with a one-day scientific meeting to salute Prof. Freedman's work and immense contribution to the field of Biostatistics. The meeting was held at Tel Hashomer on February 12th, 2018.

We were honored to have special guest lecturers from Israel and abroad.The program focused on Clinical Trials and Measurement Error, but the topics varied widely in scope.


Decreasing Mortality in Preterm Infants

The Women and Children's Health Research Unit reported a significant decline in the mortality rates of preterm very low birth weight (≤ 1500 grams) infants of 23-31 weeks gestation, from 25.6% 1995-1999 to 18.2% in 2010-2014. The report entitled "20 years of progress in treatment and outcomes" evaluating 23,286 infants also showed significant declines in neonatal morbidities including sepsis, major neurological complications and severe retinopathy of prematurity.

Dramatic Decline in Mortality Among the Severely Injured Casualties in Israel

The National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research has recently published for the first time, a 10-year national report on "Trauma Injuries in Israel 2000-2009".

The report analyzes injury trends in Israel during the first decade of the 21st century. This Report reviews data from 17 hospitals participating in the Trauma Registry. The purpose of this report is to provide a basis for decision makers to establish relevant national policies.

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