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Women make up 50% of the population of Israel. Moreover, this proportion is especially significant in the adult population. Women over 65 comprise 12.5% compared to only 9.7% of men. When a comparison was made with 23 western countries, life expectancy for Israeli women was ranked 20th whereby Israeli men were ranked in 5th place. These differences impact on planning for health services which must meet the needs appropriate for the size of this population. Additionally, more than 15% of women at age of fertility present morbidity relating to pregnancy or infertility and as a result, generate a significant burden on the existing and future resources of the health system.


Research topic: Women's Health






The proportion of children in the Israeli population is one of the highest among western countries. In Israel, there are about 140,000 live births a year whereby a large percentage are births as a result of fertility technology. Although the mortality rates - for infants and mothers is relatively low in Israel, for infants with low birth weight, not only is mortality high, there is also increased risk for long term morbidity. Various stages of childhood are characterized by disease related to age and situations requiring special attention. Children today are the adults of tomorrow; therefore long term health planning is extremely important for understanding health needs and provision of health services.


Research topic: Children's Health