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Healthy Living: A Nationwide Enterprise

  • Ananey Communications, a leading content provider in Israel, has decided to utilize its media platforms to promote the cultural change required to encourage healthy behaviors.
  • The enterprise focuses on children and their families.
  • The mass media exposure of healthy messages will be transmitted through cable channels, VOD, internet, social media and smartphone applications. This will be done on a long term basis, 365 days a year.
  • Field activities (change in the school environment; Zumba Fitness concerts etc.) led by "TV talents" will be filmed and televised to create clips, fillers and documentaries.

Living Helthy in the city-Vision and Concept

  • To establish an integrative health enterprise that will provide the city residents with knowledge, tools and opportunities to choose a healthier lifestyle and actively manage their health.
  • Outreach via diverse media platforms: TV, VODs, internet, social networks and apps, as well as field activities, which would be filmed and broadcasted.
  • Using the media as a powerful catalyst in the normative cultural change required for adopting regular physical activity and healthy nutrition.




The Local "Health Parliament"

  • The "One Stop Shop" web site will enable virtual consultation on health related issues, available to a large audience of residents.
  • The health related issues will be presented in friendly manner, using text & videos.
  • Public responses will be used in decision making. For instance, wise investment of municipal resources made to encourage physical activity in a given neighborhood.
  • The effect of the public on decision making would be reflected to the public, to increase trust.




Patient Opinion: Dialogue for Improving the Healthcare Experience

  • The digital arena has transformed the interaction between patients and providers.
  • We intend to build an independent social enterprise, in the form of a web-based platform (‘Trip Advisor for health').
  • We will collect good and bad ‘stories' as well as ratings from patients, based on their healthcare experiences.
  • We'll encourage an open and safe dialogue between patients and providers, to identify opportunities for improvement and increase transparency and trust.
  • The entersrise will start at the city level and expand bottom-up



Epode International Network 

In May 2013 Healthy Living Israel was accepted as a memeber in the Epode International network, the world largest network of community -based interventions to taclke childhood obesity.