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The Israeli Biostatistics Forum was founded in 2001 by Ori Davidov (Haifa Univ.) as a branch of the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the International Biometric Society (EMR-IBS). It is an informal group of biostatisticians who work in universities, industry and government.

Havi Murad renewed the meetings of the forum in 2013 during her EMR-IBS presidency. The meetings are held once a year in November. In addition the forum meets at the Annual Israeli Statistical Association (ISA) meeting in May in two biostatistical sessions held in collaboration with EMR-IBS. You are invited to be a part of this group and to participate in the meetings.

Past meetings of IBF:

  • 26.11.13 Tel-Aviv Univ.: "Methods for dealing with missing or incomplete data". Organizer: David Steinberg (Tel-Aviv Univ.), Program Chair: Havi Murad (Gertner Institute). The meeting was held in collaboration with ISA. Number of participants: 98.

  • 16.11.14 Tel-Hashomer: "Genetics and Bio-informatics". Organizer: Havi Murad (Gertner Inst.), Program Chair: David Zucker (Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem). The meeting was in collaboration with ISA. Number of participants: 64.

  • 19.11.15 Haifa Univ.: "Lectures in memory of Prof Marvin Zelen from Harvard University". Prof Zelen passed away on the 16th of November 2014. We were honored to have him present at our EMR conferences, supporting our region in every way he could. Organizer & Program Chair: Ori Davidov (Haifa Univ.) Number of participants: 74.

  • 27.11.16 Hebrew Univ.: "Analysis of Medical Record Data from Hospitals and Health Care Services (Kupot Holim)".  Organizers: David Zucker, Micha Mandel and Or Zuk (Hebrew Univ.). Number of participants: 100.


  • 12.2.18 Tel-Hashomer: "Symposium on Clinical Trials and Measurement Error to honor Prof. Laurence Freedman's 70th birthday". Organizers: Amit Huppert and Havi Murad (Gertner Institute). Number of participants: 98.


  • 31.12.19 Tel-Aviv Univ.: "Statistical aspects of enhancing replicability in biomedical research". Organizers: Yoav Benjamini (Tel-Aviv Univ.) and Havi Murad (Gertner Institute). Number of participants: 75.