Lessons from Boston Print
15-10-13 , 09:23


Reasons for Rapid and Effective Response in Boston Terror Strike


Prof. Art Kellerman of the RAND Corporation (VA, USA) and Prof. Kobi Peleg, Director of the Israel National Center for Trauma & Emergency Medicine Research (Gertner Institute, Israel) published an article in the April 24, 2013 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine. The article examines the rapid and effective response of the Boston health services during the April 2013 terror attack and analyzes the events for the lessons offered.

The article examines the unique circumstances of the event and the preparedness of the Boston hospital staff and the emergency medical service providers for the marathon; and associates these factors with the rapid and effective response. The training that the response teams received, including training from Israeli emergency response teams, contributed to the success of the relief efforts.

At the same time the authors ponder whether other U.S. cities are as well prepared and if faced with a challenge of similar magnitude, would have done as well. The authors recommend emulating Israel's doctrine, which emphasizes the importance of coordinated mass casualty response protocols.