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Prof. Kobi Peleg is the director of the Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research. Prof. Peleg is the founder of the Executive Master for multi-disciplinary program of disaster and emergency management at the Tel-Aviv University. Prof. Peleg leads research and educational activities in various fields of trauma, with special interest in disasters and terror related injury and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). He is a co-head of the Executive Master Program for Multi-disciplinary Emergency and Disaster Management in Tel-Aviv University. He earned a Ph.D. in Health Administration and Policy, majoring in Emergency Medicine Organization from the Ben Gurion University in Israel, and a Master's in Public Health from the Uniformed Health Services University in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.


Prof. Peleg has vast practical and theoretical experience in disasters. He formerly served as head of the medical branch of the homeland command in the First "Gulf War" and was responsible for the planning, preparedness, organization and training: conventional and unconventional. He served as the head of Operation, Training and Organization branch of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Medical Corps (dealing with preparedness for conventional and unconventional events), organized and participated in the Israeli Field Hospital team to Rwanda in 1995, and served as the deputy commanding officer of the IDF delegation in the Emergency Field Hospital to the Armenian earthquake site in 1988. Additionally, Prof. Peleg was the chief of the IDF military medical school (col.).


Prof. Peleg lectures in disaster medicine management and EMS optimization and other related topics at Tel-Aviv University, as well as at other higher education institutions in Israel and abroad, including the European Master in Disaster Medicine program in Italy. Prof. Peleg is a faculty member at a number of universities, such as New York Medical College (center for preparedness), the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, Oklahoma University (The Research Center for Bioterror) and Eastern Piermont University in Italy. Prof. Peleg was a Senior Advisor to the Israeli Minister of Health for health service organization and planning, health policy, and emergency situations. Prof. Peleg was a member of the executive board of Magen-David-Adom (Israeli EMS). He is currently a member of the Israeli National Committee for Trauma, which consults to the Ministry of Health, and is an editor for the Israeli Journal of Emergency Medicine (IJEM).