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Prof. Laurence Freedman   


The Biostatistics Unit provides support in the field of statistics to all the Units of the Gertner Institute and some external groups. Such support includes collaboration and consultation in the planning and analysis of epidemiological studies and clinical trials. General training in the field of statistics is also provided for Institute staff. In addition, the Biostatistics Unit is engaged in independent biostatistical methodological research and in programming of statistical algorithms.


The Unit's staff, which includes professional statisticians with postgraduate degrees, work in collaboration with researchers from other Units, such as the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, the Woman and Child Health Unit, the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit and the Trauma Unit.  Through its involvement, the Biostatistics team promotes many important projects using advanced statistical methods such as CART and ordered logistic regression.


Current collaborative projects include:  risk of brain tumors among users of cellular phones, cancer risk among women following infertility treatment, and use of health services for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease among Israeli Jews and Arabs.


In the area of statistical training, the Unit delivers a series of lectures relating to medicine and biostatistics, intended for the Institute's staff of researchers.  The Unit's team also initiates and conducts seminars for statisticians, which may also be attended by professionals from outside the Institute.