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Dr. Amit Huppert




Postdoctoral  Scholar. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Woods Hole , MA, USA.



Ph.D. Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Life Science, Department of


Thesis:  Modelling Phytoplankton Blooms.



M.Sc. Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Life Science, Department of

Zoology, Special Ecology Program.

Thesis: El Niño and the Pacific's coral reef bleaching cycle: a model.        

Major: Theoretical Ecology



B.Sc. Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Life Science.






I am interested in the interactions between environmental factors and the spread of infectious diseases. I use a combination of mathematical modelling and data analysis to understand how different environmental factors - such as climate, demography and habitat - affect the spatio-temporal spread of infectious diseases. I have been studying diseases which are directly transmitted (influenza, pneumonia), childhood infections (measles, mumps), vector-borne (leishmaniasis), sexual transmission (HPV) and enteric diseases (polio, shigella).  I also combine laboratory experiments and statistical models to better estimate parameters for the use of mathematical models. An important goal of my research is to translate the academic findings and knowledge into policy setting, and improve decision-making processes. 




Current Support

2009-2016           Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Integrated control of visceral Leishmaniasis in Ethiopian Kala-Azar Foci. (With A Warbug).


2012-2016           Israel Science Foundation (ISF) "Predator-prey dynamics and cell behavior in microbial predatory interactions." (With E. Jurkevitch).


2013-2015           The Israeli National Institute for Health Policy  Research. "Real Time Mathematical Modeling for Pandemic Influenza". 


2013-2018           USAIDMERC. "The Palestinian-Israeli Collaborative Research (PICR)on Antibiotic Resistant Community Pathogens".With  Dr Gili Regev and Dr Abdeen Ziad.


2014-2016           The Israeli National Institute for Health Policy  Research. "Policies for vaccination against Human Papiloma Virus in the Israeli multi-cultural population". With Dr Baruch Velan and Dr Gili Regev. 


2014-2016           The Israeli veterinary services and animal health. Modeling vaccination of Brucellosis in Israel.


2015-2018           DARPA. Pathogen Predators. (With D Kadouri & E. Jurkevitch).