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Head of Section

Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay



A significant aspect of public health is infectious disease epidemiology in the community. Infectious diseases are inherently a public health problem, since every infected individual is also a source of transmission to other individuals in contact. This particular feature requires use of appropriate epidemiologic methods in research in this field.

The studies carried out combine field work in the community, surveillance studies and laboratory experimental work at the Infectious Disease Epidemiology laboratory of the Infectious Disease Unit, at the Sheba Medical Center.


Aims and Objectives

1)     Understanding the relation between host and pathogen, the interaction between different pathogens and the epidemiologic implications on the community.

2)     Understanding the indirect effects of individual preventive measures (i.e., vaccines) and/or treatments (i.e. antibiotic use) on the community.


Achieving these goals will allow us to understand the implications of infectious diseases on public health and to adjust the policies judiciously.


Major Research Areas

  • Indirect effects of vaccination.
  • Antibiotic use in the community and antibiotic resistance (Risk factors, transmission and spread).
  • Transmission of pathogens in the community from carriage to disease.
  • Interactions between host-pathogen: from pathogen level to host level to the community level.


The Team

The research team is active in collecting data, analyses, laboratory experimental work and includes: A laboratory manager, a laboratory technician, 2 research assistants, data manager and statistician. MSc and PhD students and several Medical students working on their MD thesis. In addition a physician doing his basic research training period.


Research projects