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"A Decade of Trauma Injuries In Israel 2000-2009" National Report 2011 Print

The National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research has recently published for the first time, a 10-year national report on "Trauma Injuries in Israel 2000-2009".  The report analyzes injury trends in Israel during the first decade of the 21st century.


This Report reviews data from 17 hospitals participating in the Trauma Registry, providing a broad geographic and demographic coverage.


The purpose of the report describing ten-years of injury in Israel is to provide a basis for decision makers to establish relevant policies, with the aspiration that decisions regarding national policies will be based on data.


For the first time, indices estimating the risk of injury in Israel was published. The data are grave, showing that one in three people in Israel will be hospitalized due to an injury and one in 29 will be hospitalized due to a severe injury, during a lifetime. Conversely, it is important to note the dramatic decline in mortality among the severely injured casualties in Israel.


The Report