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Maccabi Healthcare Services, in conjunction with

the Gertner Institute, has established the first national call

center of its kind, for the treatment of a range of chronic

conditions, in coordination with the client's primary physician

and other community-based resources.

The Rationale

  • Rising national healthcare costs.
  • Lack of treatment uniformity.
  • Limited accessibility and availability.
  • Recurrent/unnecessary referrals to ER.
  • Low compliance rate.
  • Growing shortage of professional practitioners.

Why Advanced Technology Call Center

  • New approach to management of large population with complex chronic conditions and co-morbidity.
  • Patient involvement in decision making for improved health outcomes.
  • Better accessibility to medical advice for broad range of population.
  • Effectively coordinated medical treatment and health services:
    1. Cost effective
    2. Productivity effective



The Target Population

  • 6,000 complex chronic clients
  • 4,000 stable chronic clients

  • Home care of stable chronic clients
  • CHF & COPD Levels: 2 unstable, 3, 4
  • Remote cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Stoma& chronic wound
  • Diabetes


Organisation level

  • To provide support network to assist primary physicians.
  • To coordinate and integrate care with community-based services.
  • To reduce the demand for healthcare services.

Client level

  • To monitor and provide care for diverse client groups with chronic conditions.
  • To preserve/enhance clients' physical and mental quality of life, performance scores, compliance rates, and satisfaction.
  • To empower clients and caregivers that support the care process.